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15Mar, 2024
Hyrox During Boot Camp Marbella

Hyrox at Boot Camp Marbella

HYROX simulation/introduction at Boot Camp Marbella.


HYROX was originally launched in Germany in 2017 - but what actually is HYROX? 


Looking at it objectively, HYROX is a fantastic workout that any good, creative trainer could have come up with.


However, the HYROX sequence of exercises requires strength, resistance, endurance and willpower to complete.  In addition, the exercises are not overly complex and are not injury sensitive,  this combined with the competition element created by the HYROX standard makes the concept genius. 


When you combine a team of great marketeers with a substantial budget to this fun formula, you create the latest fitness hype: HYROX! 


The HYROX events are selling out in no time and people are traveling all over Europe to try it! 


At Boot Camp Marbella we have been introducing our guests to HYROX since November 2023. The concept is also surprisingly accessible for all fitness levels and is very inspiring.


The HYROX workout consists of:



1km run

1000m on the SkiErg

1km run

50m sled push

1km run

50m sled pull

1k run

80 meter Burpee Broad Jumps

1km run

1000 rowing

1k run

200m Farmer Carry

1km run

100m Sandbag Lunges

1km run

75 (w) or 100 (m) x Wall Balls



You can find further information on the official HYROX website: 

The Fitness Competition for Every Body | HYROX

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06Jan, 2024
Ten Good Reason To Go On A Fitness Holiday

Ten good reasons to go on a Fitness Holiday.

Boot Camp Marbella has been organising fitness holidays since 2011. The concept of going on an organised active holiday is gaining popularity; people nowadays desire a trip focused on health and overall wellbeing. Here are 10 good reasons to try this type of active holiday experience, which we have been able to gauge over the years.


  1. A fitness holiday will improve your physical health through a combination of a daily fitness regime and healthy tasty food. You will be surprised how your body responds even within a short period of time. 
  2. An active holiday is the perfect holiday to take a break from your daily stress and routine: This will inevitably enhance your mental well-being and help give you clarity for your future.
  3. Explore a new destination in a different way and connect with nature in a way you never have before. Discover idyllic cycling routes and hiking trails, workout on the beach and surrounded by tropical plants and trees. 
  4. Lose weight: although the focus during Boot Camp Marbella is not purely weight loss. We will put you on the right track to achieve long lasting weight loss results by adapting changes to your lifestyle. However, a fitness holiday with us, depending on number variables, can provide fast weight loss results.
  5. Get to know like-minded people and make new friends for life. As much as 85% of our guests are solo travelers, sharing the different experiences and going through the same process which is the perfect way to bond.
  6. The supportive environment during the week will push you out of your comfort zone; you will understand your weaknesses but also (re)discover your strengths. You will learn that you are capable of doing so much more, which will result in a confidence boost.
  7. The training and the healthy food during Boot Camp Marbella will inspire you to adopt long-term healthier eating habits, possibly even life changing.
  8. Get some Sun. Marbella is located on the Costa del Sol and boosts over 300 days of sunshine a year. Catching some rays, especially in winter time, will provide you with an essential portion of vitamin D. 
  9. Working out in a group setting will give you more support and motivation as other guests can help you overcome challenges. 
  10. It’s great fun
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15Nov, 2022
Myzone Logo

Boot Camp Marbella becomes official Myzone partner

The Boot Camp Marbella team is constantly looking to improve our programme and monitoring our guests during their stay is definitely part this, as well as a thorough follow up and keeping the Motivation high after the fitness holiday. Therefore we are now an offcial Myzone partner.

The Myzone app helps you connect with others, competing with yourself by collecting Myzone Effort Points (MEPs). Achieve your goals with real life data tailored to your fitness needs. The App is similar to most fitness Apps but is more interactive. The hardware required (the MZ Switch is compatible with your smart devices and sport watches you might already use).

(You can order your MZ- Switch from Boot Camp Marbella with a 60€ discount, here

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12Jan, 2018
Essential Editorial January 2018 Boot Camp Marbella.jpg

Boot Camp Marbella featured in Essential Magazine Marbella

Boot Camp Marbella has been featured in the January edition of the leading lifestyle publication on the Costa del Sol, essential magazine Marbella. Essential magazine has been established since 1999 and has a circulation of over 20,000 copies per month.

The article explains our holistic approach towards living a healtier lifestyle.


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18Nov, 2017
Boot Camp Marbella featured in Cosmopolitan magazine

Boot Camp Marbella featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine

Boot Camp Marbella has welcomed Nadine the travel editor of Cosmopolitan Germany. We would like to thank her for trying our fitness holidays for the Cosmopolitan readers and write a beautiful and positive feature in the Cosmo Christmas edition. Click on following link for the online article:

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Check out dates here - Next Camp starts in:


  • Testimonial Boot Camp In Spain Carole Luck
    One of the best weeks ever! I’ve wanted to do a bootcamp for years and finally plucked up the the courage! Jan is absolutely amazing and so is Danielle and the rest of the team. The location is perfect - right on the beach! There is a diverse set of activities at varied locations, beach, gym, outdoor bike ride hike and so much more. Every last detail is considered so you don’t have think ...
  • Testimonial Boot Camp In Spain Carole Luck
    What a fantastic week from start to finish. Thank you to Jan for all the help and support and to the wonderful group who attended Feb 2024 with Boot Camp Marbella. Such a well organised week with a variety of fitness activities, definitely a great kick start for me.. loved the food and the location ...
  • Testimonial Boot Camp In Spain Carole Luck
    Still buzzing after spending my birthday week at this most fabulous Boot Camp in Marbella! Most of the activities- particularly the mountain bike ride & Hyrox presented challenges way out of my comfort zone….but the sense of achievement was exhilarating! Couldn’t have completed anything without the gentle encouragement of Jan who is without doubt the best trainer/motivater/ event ...
  • Testimonial Boot Camp In Spain Carole Luck
    Boot Camp Marbella is the best. The workouts and activities were challenging yet super fun, the food was incredible and so nutritious, the location is gorgeous and the trainers were really knowledgeable and encouraging – especially Jan. It was so good to go away for a week and focus on my health and my body, and I've come back with refreshed motivation and memories I'll cherish forever. I ...
  • Testimonial Boot Camp In Spain Carole Luck
    Turned fat into muscle, while having an amazing time and enjoying new experiences. Encouraged, pushed and tested in the best way, training among a fantastic group of friendly people and near the glorious coastline. The food was delicious and plentiful. Thanks to Jan and all the Bootcamp Marbella team for a splendid week and improved ...
  • Testimonial Boot Camp In Spain Carole Luck

    My third time here
    February, 2024
    My third time here at Bootcamp Marbella. It really is a life changing experience. Jan and his team push me and the rest of the group to reach our (individual) potential. It’s a fantastic physical and mental experience and it’s great ...
  • Testimonial Boot Camp In Spain Carole Luck

    Five star organisation
    September, 2023
    What a brilliant week at the Marbella Bootcamp which exceeded all my expectations in the range and quality of challenges ..everything from a mountain cycle, mountain hike, an assault course , beach circuits ,yoga and stretching classes.. However it was our instructor Jan who made it so rewarding with his 5 star organisation , inspiration and motivation.. ...
  • Testimonial Boot Camp In Spain Carole Luck
    This was my first time on a boot camp holiday. It turned out to be an absolutely wonderful experience. Thanks to Jan, and his team for the unwavering support and uplifting encouragement along the way. I also had an amazing group of fellow fitness guests, we shared so many laughs, and I found them a great support. Food and transport all included so it was amazing value for ...
  • Testimonial Boot Camp In Spain Carole Luck
    I attended the early September 2023 Boot Camp Marbella, it was easy to book and transfers arranged from the airport with a smooth check in. The room was great with good views and hotel brilliant with perfect location. This was my first bootcamp, I really enjoyed it, the itinerary was challenging and varied with so many new experiences, it was full on but rest ...
  • Testimonial Boot Camp In Spain Carole Luck
    After reading a number of reviews, I booked onto the half fitness week in early September 2023. This was one of the best 4 days I have spent and would not hesitate to do another! For me the big factors were the great locations of the events, variety of activities, the ability for BCM to adapt the activities (whatever your level of fitness), very healthy (but equally tasty food), excellent ...

Official Myzone Partner

Boot Camp Marbella Extreme

The Boot Camp Marbella formula has proven to be successful in organizing active fitness holidays since 2011, we have pushed people from all levels to their limits and above all made sure they had fun and were inspired to continue their fitness journey on return home.

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Platinum Health Week

The ultimate tailor made fitness package on demand that makes the most of the best luxurious Marbella has to offer. See what's included...

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