The last decades one of the main points in nutrition has been to talk about eating healthy and counting calories. Obviously restriction of calories is important if we are overweight. But the recent studies demonstrate that what is really important and creates an excellent change in our figure, our health, our mind and our souls is to eat high quality whole and healthy food and not so much the fact to stress on counting and minimizing the calories. For example, 2000 calories of French fries, burger, pasta, brownies or alcohol do not produce the same effect in our bodies than the same amount of calories as 2000 calories of avocados, salads, high quality grains, fruits, nuts, seeds, juices, smoothies, soups, steamed vegetables, etc.

The point is not only to modify the quantity of the intake but to modify the QUALITY of the intake: the more quality food we eat the better digestion we have, the better absorption of vitamins, minerals, fiber ad all the properties that nature has given to each product. The less work we give to our immunological system the try to filter and understand all the toxics and unknown elements that we are introducing in our bodies since ages, will give us back the energy, emotional stability, and health that we are losing little by little.

On another level and not just in the physical, biological and chemical part, we have to notice that in our countries the last thing that happens to us is to starve or even feel hungry. It is very important and all the tendencies of Nutritional Coaching are working in this area, is the EMOTIONAL EATING. In modern society where we do not have to fight or stress to be able to eat something, what we are seeing each time more is how the immediate pleasure of eating the food that we always crave actually fulfills other areas that the simple physiological one. In ancient times we reunited ourselves to eat and even after wars and battles enemies sat to have a peaceful meal. During centuries it has been a calming and rewarding process and in this era of consumption industry has noticed this effect highly. But even though industry pushes us to consumption, without the good information we are not able to take the responsibility of choosing correctly.


That is why in Boot Camp Marbella we will try to give you an approach to CONSCIOUS NUTRITION that does make you LOOK GOOD and FEEL GOOD.


By Dr. Vanessa Garcia Ohnimus Nutritionist of Boot Camp Marbella